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About Us

Man talking to a depressed womanAt Family Institute for Health and Recovery, we are genuinely concerned for the mental health and general well-being of the children and adolescents within our community. That is why we are highly dedicated to providing compassionate and high-quality care; individual and group counseling; intensive outpatient services; in-home therapy services; just to name a few.

For years now, Family Institute for Health and Recovery has dedicated its staff, resources, and expertise to becoming the best mental health and substance abuse facility for children and adolescents in Mesa, Arizona. We recognize how vital it is for individuals suffering from mental illness and addiction to have a safe haven – and that is something that we provide for all of our clients.

We continue to strive to help children, youth, families, and adults graduate from illness to wellness. Our mission is to help you feel better, gain the confidence to solve complex life concerns, and manage symptoms from mental health concerns. We teach you the necessary skills to live life on life’s terms. All that is required from you is a willingness to learn.

Our professional team of experts will assist you in determining the best personal treatment options that will meet your unique needs. For more information on the subject of admission into our programs, please call us at 602-249-6674 or +1-888-352-1116.