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Group Counseling

Group of person talkingWith our group counseling service at Family Institute for Health and Recovery, we provide our clients with an opportunity to meet people going through the same struggles; share their experiences; and to learn new perspectives, in a supportive and safe environment. During a group counseling session, all of our clients have no need to feel ashamed – rest assured, they will not be judged and they do not have to be afraid to speak up.

Our group counseling session will be facilitated by one of our reliable mental health professionals. During a session, the group can focus on learning new skills to manage strong emotions better; exhibiting active listening techniques; receiving and giving constructive feedback; and supporting each other with shared identities or similar experiences.

If you have any questions regarding our group counseling service, please give us a call at 602-249-6674 or +1-888-352-1116 for more information today.