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In-Home Services

Depress couple talking to the doctorAt Family Institute for Health and Recovery, we recognize that it can be difficult to get to a therapy appointment or to a clinic due to a disability, an illness, personal crisis, a lack of transportation, or due to some other circumstances. This is why we offer reliable in-home therapy services for those who need it.

With our in-home therapy services, we aim to:

  • Make you more comfortable and safe in a familiar setting
  • Lessen or eliminate the need for an admission into an inpatient hospital, a residential treatment facility, or some other treatment setting
  • Alleviate mental health symptoms
  • Use a wide range of therapeutic treatments to help you reach your individual goals

For more information about our in-home therapy services, please give us a call today at 602-249-6674 or +1-888-352-1116.