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Parenting Concerns

Mother’s often question themselves. “Am I parenting the right way! How can I help my child with bulling? What is safe for my children to watch on TV? How can I communicate with my teenager without being ignored? Is anyone going to think I beat my kids? How do I talk to my children about personal things like stress, drugs, sexual relationships, and sexual transmitted diseases?” These are some of the questions that parents ask themselves, friends and family.

Parents can get frustrated with their children’s behavior and our therapists can help parents develop tools that will then take a step back from their daily problems and help them develop bonds of attachments and gather the energy needed to manage potentially less positive behaviors from their children. Parents will learn strategies that will shape their children’s behaviors despite the fact those parents feel they have “tried it all”. Our techniques are proven effective when used in specific ways.

We work with women who have children involved in the CPS system of care. We offer parenting classes approved by Arizona Courts. Our clinicians help reunify families and repair broken relationships. Parents also can have negative behaviors that affect their children and the relationship they have with them. Our clinical team can help you rebuild your trust, communication, boundaries, and strengthen your bonds between you and your family.

All families are different. There are many different methods and techniques and your clinical team will get to know you and your family’s needs and develop specific strategies that will work with your family.